Montserrat: January 2001 Field Work

Soufriere Hills volcano from the north west; plume with ashfall; pyroclastic flow deposits visible on the left flank
Looking up the Belham River valley towards the volcano; the boulders and sediment in the river channel are lahar deposits
Mapping lahar deposits in Plymouth
Lahar deposits above Plymouth; a rain gauge has been installed on one of the two abandoned radio huts in the background
The raingauge installed on Centre Hills, away from the volcano, together with telemetering and other equipment
The volcanic plume drifting and dispersing downwind from the volcano in the trade wind easterlies
Maintaining one of the rain gauges on top of the volcano
The clock tower in Plymouth, Montserrat, buried by lahars; January 2001. From left to right: Adrian Matthews, Mark Davies, Jenni Barclay, Jan Alexander.